Lobbying Tactics

Lobbying Tactics

Writing a Letter
Nonprofit organizations rely greatly on mail campaigns to persuade legislators to support the organizations' positions. Whether you are organizing a mail campaign or writing just one letter from your organization, it is important to keep in mind that the competition is stiff. More than 200,000,000 pieces of mail are sent to Congress each year, and state legislatures are bombarded as well, so give careful thought to your letter.

Personal Visits
Legislators want to hear from you.  The first time you meet your legislator face to face, you may be nervous. Keep in mind, however, that Legislators and their staff people repeatedly say that the information nonprofits provide is important to their decisions, so don't feel that you are entering the legislator's office as a supplicant.

Presenting Testimony
Testimony can be helpful in communicating your position to legislators, so it is important to know how to give it.  Legislative bodies call for public hearings for a number of reasons.  They may be held to inform the public about issues or for a legislative body to get the information it needs to draft laws or to find out whether legislation is needed.


"Getting the change you want in public policy will occur most readily when you join with other groups in coalition."

Elizabeth M. Heagy

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